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Text for Page 218 [12-14-1853]

              and drawing hard.      Welden called.     He�s been sick for the
last two or three days.         Evening writing hard, to Boutcher.
Had a visit from Damoreau.   He�s ill content with Les-
lie�s employ, that cat like little knave�s business being rot-
ten throughout, money not forthcoming, and Leslie having rows
with Brightly.
  15. Thursday.   In doors drawing busily.  Finished letter
to Boutcher.    Waud called, on his way up town to see Dar-
  16.  Friday.  Took a pile of blocks to Strongs, &
met him at Wells & Webbs, preliminary.   Returning to room
by 4, Creecy called.     He, daily employed at Army Office
State Street.     Hillard came.    Supped at Taylors
with Creecy, then to the Lyceum to see Brougham�s
new play, The Game of Life.      Trash; � mouthing sentiment,
stereotypic twaddle and melo-drama, like nothing that ever occurs
in life.  Not a spice of truth or reality in it, only the buf-
foonery and Brougham�s excellent acting, good.    Nevertheless I�m
glad the play is successful, though tepidly so.   I�ve heard
worse stuff applauded to the echo.           Now I�d wager any-
thing the author of the piece is the dupe of the land sounding
virtuous clap trap he puts in the mouths of his characters.
nay, that he has an indistinct sort of belief that all virtue
is but that.    Abuse of �the world�, cant about �taint of
slander�,  twaddle about �the country,� scandal rebuked in
stereotyped phrase, Lester, as a sort of returned Australian
in Gipsy King costume, doing the melodramatic villain to a tedious
extent, Blake as the good old man with a young wife, �               
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