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Text for Page 112 [05-06-1850]

              Badean taketh me to Nassau St, where from him I learn that
the job in question is to be done in Brooklyn.
  7. Tuesday.  Crossing at the Fulton Ferry, met Badea at 9 by the
City Hall; from thence to Court Street, a large Iron Store and
Factory; � owner a brisk and business like Yankee.   I am set to 
work to draw on a wood block as many iron-made verandas, window guards
brackets &c as will go on � some from big drawings, other from the objects
themselves.  Iron-clash and tramping above, fire heat and smithy work in
the rear � self and a thin clerk yclept Johnson at the opposite sides of 
a big desk-table situate in a small iron-railed oasis mid the big show
room.   1 o�clock and with Clerk Johnson I dine at an upper room in
the rear of City Hall, looking out on a formal, wild, trim, fantastic
dreary-walked, lively-blossoming garden.  Return to store and wood
block again, and thus till 6, then Duane-wards.
  8. Wednesday.   To Brooklyn and Stillwells again, and the day
passed as before, save that I ate my self brought dinner alone. 
Driven out in the �boss�s� waggon in order to make a sketch of a cer-
tain rail window guard.            At quitting he inquireth what I would
take for steady permanent employ � whereto I reply by stating I
will cogitate thereon.
  9. Thursday. At work all day on the Abbotsian subject, &
left it, for them, in the evening.  Walk with Mapother, in at
the Art Union picture exhibition, also Book Auction.               
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