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Text for Page 220 [12-18-1853]

              at Saint Pauls Church encountered Brightly and Mrs Warner.
They turned and we walked to the Battery together, then re-
turning up Broadway.     I to room, then, as promised to sup
at Vesey Street with Damoreau.            Waud came during
the evening.        We stayed till past 11, and leaving I bore Waud
company down part of Fulton Street; returning through the ice-
cold tranquil night to my room.
  19.  Monday.  At work merrily.   Having completed two draw-
ings, dined at Erfords, and then up the thronged side of Broad-
way, to Prince Street, Having
called on Levison,  walked down town,
left blocks with Weed, went to Wells & Webbs, looked in at
Strongs, then to room.   Waud had called, I found a note thrust
under the door, he had just received from Kellam, in reply to a letter
Waud had addressed to him touching my whereabouts. /   Writing a
letter to Kellam, during the evening.  First snow falling outside.
  20.  Tuesday.  Alcock called, on his way to Levisons. / I
drawing on till 2, when Welden came.   To Erfords where I dined,
and we talked anent a days Catskillizing in the wintery January,
resolving on it.      Parting, I to Levisons, meeting Hillard by the
way, and having made my call, we came down town together.
To Weeds leaving cuts, then with Hillard to Erfords, a cigar
and tod; then to my room. /   After supper I walked up town
to 12th Street, as promised to the house of Hillards brother,
getting there about 8 1/2.             Cigars and talk, with the brothers,
and two or three other young fellows.  Talk of books, spiritual
knockings, Authors, Boston, and every day topics till within half
an hour of midnight.        Parting on the Avenue, I being               
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