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Text for Page 224 [12-22-1853]

              at once.          An Horace Vernet, entitled the Farewell, I
at first imagined to be on the subject of Poe�s �Raven.�     A
manly figure, with head bowed down in sorrowing love, (the drapery most richly
colored,) while above him rises the shade of a beautiful, spiritual-
faced girl, born upwards on the vast pinions of a hooded black
figure.        It�s a grand picture.)         A Galileo, before the
Italian Ecclesiastics is good.          The hale, sturdy, white bearded
sage, is almost springing forwards as if to force conviction on the
hard shrewd faced dignitaries confronting him, � his right hand
pointing to a diagram explaining his discovery, which is negatived
coldly by the forefinger of one of the unbelievers, pointing to the
passage in Joshua.                   There�s a picture, by I think, some
french artist, which is painful to look on.         A portion of a
shipwrecked crew, on an African sea-shore, the horriblest
black savages dancing around them, beautiful, nude women ^|& children|
crouching down, horrified, mocked and mowed at by hideous ne-
gress faces : a savage pulling at the neckerchief of a drowned
sailor, negro devil-chiefs in brutal-squalid finery, a fire for
cannibal purposes.      /              A Youthful Hercules, between the
Pleasure Goddess & Genius of Virtue.  Such a broad, full,
voluptuous beauty, with a world of liberal delight preffered in her
dark eyes, and rich mouth!    Poor Virtue don�t look at
all attractive; the Hercules might do for Fenelon�s priggish
hero Telemachus, � but by no means the boy �purger of the
infernal world.               Two french pictures, (well known by
means of Lithographs,) of the �Woman taken in Adultery.
In one, the crouching, shamed, guilty female figure, is ex-
quisite.  Both foul in the Saviours face, of course. (I think               
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