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Text for Page 225 [12-22-1853]

              a head of him by Titian is the best I�ve ever seen � where he is
crown with thorns.     I know it but through the medium of en-
  23.  Friday.  Down town to Wells & Webb, & called
at Weeds.         Returning, at work.   Hillard called, & Waud.
/   Met Richardson after dinner, he off for Philadelphia on
Christmas Day, � says money�s �tight.�         Drawing all the af-
ternoon.      Evening the same, and writing.
  24. Saturday.    Breakfasted at Sweeneys, thence down
town, to Picayune Office, Wells & Webb & Strongs.  Got $29 for
drawings from latter.      Spruce Street again, and by 1, to room, 
with blocks and papers &c.     Drawing.  To Picayune Office at 4 1/2,
got paid, thence to Brooklyn, Waud not at the Fulton house;
returned; at Leslie & Hoopers engraving rooms, found Damoreau
alone atop of building; he leaving, walked together to Vesey Street;
I supped & to room.   Waud and afterwards Damoreau came,
as invited, and Hillard chanced up.      Talk, brandy-tods &
smoke.       Damoreau left first, but 10 or so.       A discussion on
the question of the divinity of the founder of our Religion.    Waud mooting
points of doubt, thus.    That Creation is on so vast a scale,
infinite worlds and systems of worlds circling throughout space, �
what Right have we to believe in an Immortality for ourselves?
What that a divine being should appear and suffer for our re-
demption, for our teacher and guide?        That as all we discover but
intimates progress in the scale of created beings, and that this universe
and the myriads of others unveiled by the Abraham telescope, is go-
verned by grand, simple, regular, unswerving, mighty Laws; �
why not then suppose the all Just, all good, awful Creator of               
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