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Text for Page 226 [12-24-1853]

              All, will but that that this should be all, � we being but
the creatures of the hour; our life essence to be used even as
past geologic creatures, but to be resolved into more perfect forms,
retaining not identity.          And that as Confucius and Plato,
and other good and wise men had lived and taught diving axioms
to men, why not that Christ should be no other; � his miracles
and divinity the endowments of a superstitious age.
     To which I argue, that admitting the vastness of God�s works
and countless worlds, governed by immutable laws, yet that they
all but work, so to speak, to affect man�s Soul.      That he
in his powers of knowing these things, is a faint imperfect image
of the God-head himself; or  he could not think thus.   That
he is capable of assimilating into himself the subtlest divinest thought
of such souls as Shakspere, Milton and Plato, � therefore he is
capable of rising to the mightiest heights.  They would talk but
hieroglyphics were not his soul interpreter.         That, man is unlike
animals, inasmuch as he progresses, � the first dog that ran by
primeval man was in instincts, thoughts &c no different
that the one I see to day in New York streets.       But, he
Waud, or I, � have taken toll, as it were of countless minds
to be what we are, that thousands of years ago men were ut-
terly incapable of thinking, living, reading, speculating as
we do.        Therefore progress without limit is the law of our being,
and the fact of our having un-satisfy-able souls, desires reaching to infinity,
is itself an argument for such being the fact.      /            That
faith in Jesus Christ cannot be gotten logically, Euclid-like,
that it is less a matter of Reason, that Feeling,  of the Af-
fections.         His life and precepts are Indivisable.     And no               
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