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Text for Page 113 [05-10-1850]

              10. Friday.  To Brooklyn and Iron Store, where I found a 
tall, clean shaved, large-nosed, simple faced young fellow there,
at work �on trial� as a draftsman � speedily found him to be an
Englishman � he had been �raised�at Putney, and talk of boats and
thereanent. 	     With the day concluded my job to the content of 
the Boss, (whom I like,) and informing him of my willingness (�Barky is
willin�) to his employ at the rate of $10, left.            And on reaching
Duane, and entering supper room found a letter penned by the dear
hand of her I love most dearly.    My last hath not reached � (evil betide
Yankee Postal rascality ) � and she fears for me. God bless her!
  11. Saturday. To Badean�s; talk of a �Mose in California�
en co-part-profit-nership � he being �willin�.         With Mr Hart
in and about Wall Street. The Exchange � huge cupola, charts
and Washington Monument designs hung around; � men selling houses
or land, � small Knot of purchasers. Below a commercial restaurant.
Reading rooms adjoining.    Afternoon pottering about � books, talk with
Hart, and Mr Johns, our Palenstine and Egyptian Traveller.  After
supper he displayeth a small basket of curiosities, stones from the
Pyramids, small Egyptian hieroglyphic sculptured statuettes, Mussulum
beads and rosary, stones from wall of Jerusalem &c.    Pleasant
links for of past and present, if inspiring no deeper thought.  Your travel-
ler a worthy of all reverence and liking when pleasantly communi-
cative. Strange is it to be talking to a man who hath lived in Jeru-
salem and walked where He Trode.               
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