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Text for Page 232 [12-29-1853]

              cuts.   Snow lying thick enough for sleighing down Broadway,
bells jingling, huge omnibi-sleighs, curricle-sleighs, boxes on a slids,
all such of ice-vehicular contrivances.     Very cheery, healthy looking
sight.         Back to room, Hillard called, stayed awhile.    Eve-
ning Damoreau came.          I wrote letter to Swan.
  30.  Friday.     Down town to Express Office, with parcel,
containing cuts for Swan.       Snow falling thick and fast, jangle
of sleigh bells, and slippery pavement.   Dined at Gosling�s,
calls, Wells & Webbs, Weeds &c.        Returning to room; 
with Waud to the Art Union Room, up town, snow flakes
thicker and faster than before, [whitening?] us all over.     Looking
at the prints for an hour or two, then returning through the
snow to my room.      Supped there, cooking ham slices at
stove, and in-doors during the evening.
  31.  Saturday.     Drawing.   Down town twice, to
Picayune Office.    Weed�s &c, Wells & Webb.       Evening
Damoreau coming for me & Waud, to his house, there
to a pleasant unpre-meditated evening, tods and talks.
Thus saw the old year die; and half an hour after
parted with Waud at Broadway, and through the fast-
falling snow and icy-streets to my room.       Such folk
as were about, were all shouting and jubilant, in honor of
the New Year.         I feel more regret for the old than 
 anticipation about the New.      It�s a solemn
time, passing these  mile-stones on the road to Eter-
nity.       God pardon all of us!  
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