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Text for Page 004 [09-11-1818]

              [printed license (handwritten notations shown in italics)]
No 73       (Tea License, &c.)          No

[official seal depicting unicorn, lion, and crown]

WE, whose Hands and Names are hereunto subscribed
      and Seals set,  being the Collector of Excise in
                        Oxon         Collection in England, and
the Supervisor of Excise of         Banbury         District
within the said Collection, in pursuance of an Act of Parlia-
ment made in the Twentieth Year of His Majesty�s Reign,
do hereby permit and authorize       Samuel Gun 
Dealer in Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, living at   Banbury
      �������������      In the Parish of   D��������
            �����������     within the said Collection, to trade
in, sell, and vend Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, in the House,
and Places thereunto belonging, wherein he now dwells, and
no where else, from the    7                Day of       September 
18 18     to the         7                    Day of          Septemb 
18 19      he having paid     eleven Shillings 
for this Licence to the said Collector of Excise.  Given
under our Hands and Seals this     11  �����������
Day of   September   in the     58th ��   Year of the
Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace
of God, of the United Kingdom of Great-Britain and Ire-
land, King, Defender of the Faith, and in the Year of our
Lord 18 18 
                   [unclear signature] Collector
                   [unclear signature] Supervisor.               
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