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Text for Page 008 [02-01-1855]

which the sum of 700 [pounds], raised by mortgage, was to go to Samuel,
the youngest, (my father,) upon his coming to age; which it was con-
sidered made the portions of the two last nearly equivalent, as much of
the South Newington land was unfenced &c.     Trustees, (Munton &
Goldby,) had the superintendence of thus.   The widow, of course, remain-
ed in the Neithrop house; whither in possession till Richard came of age,
(he was a boy of eleven) I know not, she may have had, too,
special monies willed to her.     Very speedily however she married again,
and became Mrs Henry Bolton.     Her husband was a notable
man in his way, as the event will show.  He was born in a War-
wickshire cottage, and started in life as a farm labourer, thence be-
came a cattle-dealer, till by the pecuniary aid of a brother, (who had
thriven too,) he commenced farmer.     I have heard him spoken of
in country parlance as a �pig-porker.� He did not abandon his
cattle dealing, when farming, and �twas through this coming to the
Neithrop farm about purchasing a calf that he became acquainted with
the widow Gunn.   He was a keen, thrifty and not scrupulous man,
ever with an open eye to self interest, a severe chapel goer, intolerant
of idleness, and liked to pique his men to do their utmost by exciting
rivalry amidst them.   He�d meet and make purchases of droners
on market-days, perhaps selling out again at profit a few hours
later.  He always paid punctually.       Well, he took up his
abode at Neithrop, whether with the determination to make it and
and the farm his own I know not, but few years passed ere it
became so.    His wife does not appear to have made a happy mar-
riage, although three children were the result of it, one of whom
died young.   She would give my father a cake or halfpenny secretly,               
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