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Text for Page 115 [05-12-1850]

              by great Paul hath enveloped the World.  That as unjust
and a far crueler mob handed the Saviour to Calvary; � but
they and their puny hate and Error are Gone, while His pure
faith progresses on and Ever.
  13. Monday.  To Grove St.  The Rev�d J�and J. From
there with Hart to Nassau St.   Dunned Butler.   Then to the
�Life� Office. The �Colonel�appearing, out with him. Mr Hart
joining us.    In Saloon � turtle soup lunch and sherry sangarees.
Hart left, and we talk of the projected �Porcupine�.   More sanga-
rees and smoke, then out, with intent to visit Warren Butler,
designing to include him in the Triumvirate.  Met more of �the
Colonel�s� friends, and consequently more sangarees.     Butler out.
We adjourn for ten minutes (more sangarees) � then call again
with like success.  So making appointment for the ensuing mor-
ning we separate.		Afternoon smoke with Mr Johns
and Hart. Then walk to Abbots � too late. Back.
  14. Tuesday. Called at Andrews Canal St residence � quiet &
tastefully furnished, books on table. Place over a Milliners shop.
Out with him. Quitting him at the Park I went to Butlers, and
after some quarter of an hour�s delay, visitors being there, I spake
to him on the �Porcupine� subject.    Firstly he, on hearing Andrews
name, denounced him as a scoundrel, � (not having paid his brother in
law some engraving bill;) then considered that to be none of his business
, and asked particulars. �The Colonel� arriving, we talk; � anon               
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