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Text for Page 014 [02-01-1855]

him there, where he died, and I think very few regretted
  1.  Thursday.   To Astrop with Rosa Bolton, a cheery
five miles walk, the sun shining and the wind blowing fiercely
as we breasted the hill sides approaching the place.   Astrop Wells
was a place of fashionable resort Sixty Years Since, there being chaly-
beate springs there, and pump rooms.   It is now a quiet village
enough, and occupies the position relative to King Sutton that
Neithrop does to Banbury.   Our visit  was to the Gregory�s,
farmer people.   There was a hearty welcome on the part of a Miss
Susan, a hearty, buxom sun-flower of a girl, with a high color,
and a curt, decisive, manner.   The dinner over, she, Rosa
and I sallied out to visit King Sutton Church, both within and
without.  It is a fine one with slender spire and flying buttresses,
renovated Norman arches within, and much beauty and antiquity
about it.  I visited it with George long ago, and then took a sketch.
  In the evening I looked over some score of old coins, which old Gregory
had become possessed of, most of them having been found in the vicinity.
There were some three of Constantine�s, one of Edward the First�s,
some of Charles 1 & 2, and four or more local coins, from Ban-
bury and Brackley.   Also a Roman fibula, and a small urn.
Played a game of whist, to my discontent; and all to bed by 11.
  This day, and the last I have had a violent cold and sore
  throat, insomuch that I am scarcely able to speak, and am
  generally uncomfortable.               
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