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Text for Page 015 [02-02-1855]

  2.  Friday.  Returned to Neithrop in the afternoon, in
company with Rosa and Miss Susan Gregory.  The latter had
not intended it, but was rallied into the resolve by the way.  Our
path led by the canal-side, the great snow drifts loving along the
banks, and the water ice-bound, except under the little bridges.   The
February sky was dull above, and many skaters disporting themselves
along the stream.          Evening within doors.
  3.  Saturday.   To Bloxham.  There had been a hail-storm
during the night, and the roads were glazed with ice, some where
the tracks of horses and vehicles offered safer walking.     Rain came
on at the days close.  Had to play one game of cards.
  4.  Sunday.  Walked to South Newington, and dropped
in on William Gunn and his wife.  Broader and redder faced than
of yore, more like to his father.  Back to Bloxham through the fast-
falling drizzle, to the wonted excellently cooked dinner of �roast-
fowl (at a wood-fire,) and delectable ham, with a glass or twain of
good wine to follow.       Rain fast and continuous.
  5.  Monday.  Back to Neithrop.  Wrote note to Chacombe
in response to one sent from Mary to Sarah Ann.    Dipping into
books, and an evening with the girls, George and I rallying Susan
Gregory considerably.
  6.  Tuesday.  A letter from my mother.  Answered, and then
wrote all day, the most part of the preceeding eight pages.   At night
George Gardiner came; and no small fun resulted from a jocular con-
spiracy which had been planned pitting Susan Gregory against him.
She had been chaffed most unpityingly on the supposition of her being proud
and disdainful to many admirers, much absurd evidence being produced; and               
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