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Text for Page 019 [02-09-1855]

he and �Wattles� dividing its cuts.   Poor Banks hard up, has succeeded
in getting in debt for two months rent with old Myers, nothing to do
and his prospective situation depends on a man�s death.  Yatman folly
increases, he wears crosses, anchors, hearts &c as the gifts of �ladies,� cor-
responds voluminously with idiotic females, teaches the classes �Phisiognomy�
and �English composition,� also leads a quire at Church.   He is also
strongly suspected of breaking the Seventh Commandment.   He has en-
deavoured to get up another duel, with �a young man of the name of
Guppy,� writing for Waud as a second.         Stone has been to Boston,
�bled the Governor, paid and spent his subsidy, and then hurried back
to Catskill for the winter.�   Damoreau has paid a flying visit to New
York, and retired in disgust at the tightness of the money market; � mat
rimony not improving him.      Clarence Eyting�s portrait is published
as a visible �Know Nothing,  Uncle Sam�s youngest son,� at which his
friends are not at all gratified.     Other folk as usual.  Seymour writing
sketch of North�s life, to prefix to the poor fellows works.  Bellew in
Cincinatti, has written to Banks.   Heylyn has been in N Y, found
nothing to do, returned to fetch his wife, with intent to permanently
reside there.        Fellows want me back, Welden looking up mourn-
fully as he passes my cockloft; Banks �bemoans my sojourn, and
wants me back to start a paper; the Miss Eytinges want me to be
introduced to �em &c.       Parton, Greeley�s Auto biographer has
used bits of my last letter in his newly started paper.  Brady,
Hany, Levison, Royal, Swinton &c send reminiscences.
  Alf commences thoughtfully, and sorrowfully, �that he has left
half the hope, and all the freshness of his life, and that the dreary
lot of a bachelor is ahead.�  And he ends by saying he�s had a               
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