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Text for Page 020 [02-09-1855]

Diarhea, produced he believes by Wurzbach�s sour German wine.
  10.  Saturday.  Said Good bye to Neithrop folks, then to rail,
George accompanying.  Good bye to him, and off for Oxford, starting
about 2 1/2.  Ice cold weather spite of the wintry sun-shine, snow hid
country.    Oxford, at the close of its market day.   Up to the High
Street, rustic boy carrying carpet bag, sturdy farmers about, and raw
militia men staring open mouthed at me, or commenting in their broad
innocent dialect.    To Levi Greatbatch�s china shop.  Had tea with
him, and two children, one a very pretty little girl.  Fun with the
children for half an hour, telling �em stories and making �em
laugh; then off inside coach for Swinford.   A cold, clear night,
icy wind blowing, deep snow lying on the roads, and the country.  There
good humored youngish countrywomen my fellow travellers.     Some
rough country fellows tried to hitch on behind, and quite a belligerent
scene occurred when our coachman got down to remonstrate with �em.  I
believe they snowballed the �outsides� subsequently.   Five miles past,
and I�m put down at Swinford farm, and the noise of the coach-
wheels crunching over the snow dies away Witney wards.  I find
only Mr & Mrs Franklin, the family being out.    They welcome me
frankly enow, and I sit and cultivate the acquaintance of a small
sturdy boy, a grand child of Mr Franklins.    I feel hower cold &
strange, and am not sorry to get to bed, and to thoughts of Cha-
  19.  Sunday.  To Eyncham church with Mr Franklin, cal-
ling for �Tilly� at her kind old Grandmothers by the way.  She
has been here for two weeks, and I think dull ones.           We sit in a
spacious pew, up-stairs, between the arch springing from the columns.               
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