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Text for Page 021 [02-11-1855]

The sermon was well meant but dull, and the place was very cold.
Little Tilly snuggled herself up, and looked very pretty, as she knelt
on the great broad hassock-place.         During the afternoon she came
over to Swinton, where I�m half sorry to say I rallied her considerably
about Joe Stokes.      She had a note from Sam for me, and I fictionized
that a paragraph related to him.  She said she knew all about him,
defyed me to tell her anything, and didn�t want to hear.  So I affected
assent; her curiosity was piqued, and after two hours on and off entreaty,
I, on condition that she sat side by side with me, her pretty feet on the fen-
der, told her that ��� He�d had a slight cold, and ��� recovered from
it ! !                  I hope the fellow is in love with her.  Her position don�t
seem to be a happy one.  Two sisters married, no home, her late place
as teacheress is ended by the death of a lady, and no certainty in perspective.
She stayed tea, and I saw her back to Eynsham, over the snowy
  12.  Monday.  Abroad with Mr Franklin in his gig, with intent
to visit Cumnor.   The morning sunny, but the air sharp and marble
cold to the cheek, the roads swept and cleansed but great drifts on either
side.    Striking off to the right from the Oxford road, we find the snow-
banks some three and four feet high, lying in strange sharply defined
curves, formed by the varying blasts of wind.    Going up hills we were
fain to get out and walk for the horse�s comfort.     Presently we are
at the commencement of Cumnor village, and just beyond, the road was
finely blockaded by the snow, men being at work to shovel it away,
a temporary across to the place being gained by a slight circuit through
a field, to achieve which a stone fence had been partially demolished.
Five minutes thus at the farm belonging to Mr Franklin, whence               
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