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Text for Page 116 [05-14-1850]

              adjourn to a Bar room and bowling alley, where we liquor and talk.
Plan of the work decided � strictly �Punch like�.  Andrews editorial,
Butler, Publishing, I Artistic and literary.   Agreeing to meet at
Andrews on the morrow we separate.   Butler and I talk a little;
he distrustful of the Kentuckian.  I supposing it to be a possibility that
things could be so fixed that each could be rendured secured against
any attempt at over reading.   It would be but narrow policy, cent steal-
ing cunning at best; as any one distrustful would surely �back out�
and mar the enterprize.    Natheless I�ll be safe, any how. Willing
am I to risk time and pen and pencil � that is All. 	/	Looked
in at Gurneys, where I found the Barnum unported Lancashire
Bell ringers,�fixing� up for Daguerrotyping.   And the second sen-
tence I had from them was that �they couldn�t get not no malt liquor�
here.�  English, that!	Called unsuccessfully at Abbots
in the afternoon.   Finished letter for M at night, and com-
menced reply to Boutcher.
  15. Wednesday. Talk political, religious and Palestine with Mr Johns,
Hart and Mapother, in the room of the latter twain. Drawing.
Mr Jacob Abbots calleth.   In the afternoon, through the rain to Greene
St.   Drawing and dampness. Returned rheumatic and splenetic.
Writing all the evening.  Joe out of sorts and smarting.
  {16. Thursday.       Drawing on the Abbotian subjects � on wood.
  17. Friday}     Andrews called � (is off for Philadelphia) Evening               
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