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Text for Page 117 [05-17-1850]

              walk on the Battery with Mapother.
  18. Saturday.  Drawing.  In the afternoon to Greene Street, left
the blocks and got paid.     Ruminatively returning called at Clarkson
Street, (next door to the house at which, on the memorable Fourth of May, I,
in old velveteen coat, antiquated boots and cap, speered for Mr Greatbatch
residence.)    Had tea there, and Mr G and the boys coming in, sate talking
awhile, then Duane wards.         Walk at night round Saint John�s Square
in company with Mr Johns and � Joe.
  19. Sunday. commenced well, by early exit from bed to bath. After
breakfast, accompanied by Mr Royal, (London gold beater and kindly honest
hearted man ) and a violin string manufactering friend of his, to the Battery,
where in the sunlight, and by the waves we chat a while. At 10 or so
I leave and to Murray Street Chapel. But Chapin did not preach, albeit
he was there, another.�       Dinner. Then with Mapother, Royal and
juvenile Frank Royal off for a long Hoboken vagabondize. Nieuw Amster-
dammers out in great force, day being lovely, verdant and mustard color-
ed pants, girls in white muslin and all colors. Stroll along the pleached
margent of the river, now finding a big hornet, now some queer botanical.
Witnessed a boat upset, and the b�hoys therein drenched.   And after
proceeding some distance beyond the Sybils� Cave we all three, at a vast expen-
diture of the breath of life scale the craggy well treed sides of the steep rocks 
some five hundred feet more or less.  And then for a most rustical ramble
, most sylvan wanderings.  Exquisitely varied lichens and moss, cedars, syca-
mores, ash, (and more from Spenser�s Catalogue.) Little pods with               
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