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Text for Page 033 [02-28-1855]

how little of it there is in the world, and how apt to be mis-prized
and sinned against!                                      I and Mr B, (at his re-
quest,) indulged in the mild excitement of two games at draughts, and
the rest of the evening wore away in converse, over nuts and wine. They
were very hospitable, had a boiled fowl &c for supper; after which
the handsome girl from below appeared, and was introduced as a sister,
or cousin (I forget which,) of Mrs Brown�s.   She said little, and
I took leave at 12.
  1.  Thursday.  Within doors all day.  A letter from Hannah.
  2. Friday.   To Sam�s during the evening.    News reached En-
gland of the death of the Emperor of Russia.
  3.  Saturday.  Wrote to Hannah.   Evening out.     Called at
Whitelaws, he out, then Saunders.   There awhile, thence dropped
in at Turners, thence to Price�s, thence to Coger�s Hall.     Very dreary
twaddle going on, so left by 11.                            Had Jack Boutcher
visit us on Friday afternoon, and stay three hours or so.
  4. Sunday.  Charley at Banbury.
  5.  Monday.  At the British Museum.
  6.  Tuesday.  Drawing. With my Mother to Sam�s in the morning  Visited George 
	Clarke in the evening.
Two Cambridge men there subsequently.
  7.  Wednesday.  Drawing.     Evening at Sam�s.
  8.  Thursday.  Letter from Mapother the brown-malter, inviting
me to dinner.  Wrote.    To Heath�s place, near Mornington Crescent
by 5.  There till 11.  Saw Minnie home.
  9.  Friday.  Within doors.               
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