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Text for Page 038 [03-21-1855]

bled on in a most wearisome manner, and not one tenth part of
what he said was comprehendible.    Mrs Chinner said little, and
is a good meaning sort of woman enough, But I have no one feeling
or liking in common with �em, and the afternoon passed away most
drearily.     I was called upon to admire Stoke Newington Church
in bright worsted, upon a chaos of mustard colored grass, with
spiky salmon colored clouds in its rear, also a big, nay, a colossal
Abraham and his family, or Lot and his daughters, or something
of the sort; this and more being the handiwork of Miss Mary
Anne Chinner.     She�s by no means a chicken, (thirty five or so
I�ll swear,,) bustles about sharply, chatters incessantly, is utterly
common-place throughout, and has no jot of womanly grace or feeling
about her.     The canting and churchgoing business is much modified
now, she having hocked a �young man,� and that �young man,� Ned.
She, and her mother manage the business, make out hills &c, and
with the help of a cousin, (a good-humored countryborn fellow, whom
report says �Mary Anne� was desperately �in love� with, once;) do every-
thing, Miss Chinner being as her father once remarked to Charley,
�as good as Butcher as he is.�    He�s a hospitable, rambling old boy,
and has been a fast countryman in his youth.           /              Now all
this nuisance had to be endured, because we happen to be Ned�s
brothers; in pursuance of the English middle-class system that when
a fellow contemplates matrimony he is, firstly to be trotted about to
all the girl�s friends, that they may �approve� of Betsy Jane�s young man,
next that the relatives must know and bore one another, or they�d be
offended.     I had to be bored for half a day at Stoke Newington,
not because Miss Chinner cared a quarter of an ounce of bad meat�s worth               
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