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Text for Page 118 [05-19-1850]

              lone snipe.   Making bonfires with withered boughs of cedar and
other bay diversions.    Returning. Mr Royal�s descent down the
rocks, � (verily we weren�t justified in inducing a father of a family
to make such an essay.)    Also his very English mode of reproving the
overcharging hostel-shanty keepers. �I think you must have made a mistake!�
�Somebody must have been running away without paying, and we�ve got to suffer
for it.� / 	Back to Duane somewhat tired.
 20. Monday. Out with Mr Hart. ( Met Andrews at the door.) Idled
up per omnibus to the upper part of Gotham, there arriving at the opposite
of Blackwells Island, we experience some delay.  Red flag displayed, and
boat comes from the Island, [comacts?] rowing, talk with one.    After some
�ahoying� and waiting another boat puts off from the pauper-part, and we are
pulled over in her.   Arrived in the place � (a little one enow is it;) we 
accompany a certain Superintendant firstly to his Office, then to the spot 
where the proposed Alms Houses are to be erected.   Admeasurements &
talk of crime prevention, poverty legislation &c.   Thunder and rain-
storm, wet through.   Back, � boat. New York.  Visited the 
Huge Croton water Reservoir � massive Egyptian-style walls, and
huge area of water enclosed.   Omnibus jolting � (in which vehicle
I met baby Greatbatch and Martha) � then Duane, drenching wet, and
dinner. 	Joe got the colic, and has to be rhubarbed, pepperminted
and brandyed.   Writing in company with Mapother in the evening.
  21. Tuesday.  Writing in the morning.    Afternoon took letters for               
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