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Text for Page 049 [04-09-1855]

company with Ned in the afternoon, there tea-ing, and subsequently
seeing Ned into cab, he being off for Hampshire again.  I continued
at Sam�s for the remainder of the evening.              He went to Lewes
on Good Friday, and saw Tanner, who�s revolt against paternal
despotism has been highly successful.     His father at first received him
sullenly, then worked himself into a fury, his son intimated his grievances
and resolve that they should end.  Next day he packed up.  Irate gover-
nor having considered that he couldn�t carry on business without Tanner came
to terms, agreed to double his sons pay, and shorten each days labour
for two hours.   Well done Tanner!              /          Had a letter from
Alf Waud to day.       Banks is in a Mercantile Insurance Office, and
addicting himself to beer and tobacco;  Swinton about to turn farmer;
Damoreau�s wife has sent him to New York, to work for Leslie, she
remaining at Rhinebeck.  The Irishman they employed robbed �em, and
was imprisoned, and a compatriot of his entering the house when �Ma-
dame� was alone, intimated his intention of avenging the injury, whereupon
she, producing a gun, leveled and cocked it, and paddy ran off. B
�Chawles�, writes Alf �used the incident with his usual policy, telling
a lie on the strength of it, � that it caused his wife a miscarriage,
I being morally certain that there was no occasion for one.� �He grows
smaller every day, and boards at Dob�s.�    Alf�s cut Yatman,
and Banks cut Haney (or rather vice versa.)     A proposal of N Orr�s to get up a
Catskill Guide book.        /
  10.  Tuesday.  To Wilkin�s, at Kennington, and with him
to the residence of his father and mother, Chapham.   His wife was there.
The old couple were very kindly folk.   I used to visit them in my
school days, under the shadow of the big reservoir in the New Road.               
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