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Text for Page 119 [05-21-1850]

              Boutcher and M to the Post Office.   Return.   Two Porcupinish sketches.
Walk on the Battery at night in company with Mr Johns and Mapother, on 
getting back fumigation and beer in the room of Mr Hart. Royal joining us.
  22. Wednesday.  Drawing in the morning. Afternoon to Badean�s �
At night drawing, (political caricature,) � Mapother in the room with me, &
Joe.   The latter sometime writing, sometime snoring.  The former reading
aloud the to-day-published number of Dicken�s Copperfield.  Rain out of doors
and nobody abroad.   Veritably [Johall?], in time to come recollect these evenings.
  23. Thursday.  Drawing �The California Question� till Evening.  Then Ma-
pother and Mr Johns coming into my room start the proposition of jug o�punch and
fumigation; � the which is carried out, Mr Royal joining us. /   While
Joe and I were undressing we see big fire over the house tops.
  24. Friday.  To the �Atlas�Office where I dispose of the Californy sketch,
gross fat man, and another there. To Wells and Webb for block. Drawing
on it during the afternoon. Internal disagreables all day. Evening, a bit of
a walk on the Wharf � saw the to-day arrived Ohio (bringing the Cuba news). Back
took emetic, � wretched retching � purging, �all sorts of stomach agonizations.
  {25. Saturday.     Drawing.   Jalaping, castor oil-taking, throat gurgling,
  26. Sunday.}     neck bandaging to any extent.   Royal playing the part of
Good Samaritan to me; � the man is a true Christian if there ever was one
in the world.    Wrote to Bridgens.
  27. Monday.   Somewhat better. Drawing Californy caricature in Mr Harts
Room. In the evening a long Broadway ramble with Mapother.
  28. Tuesday.  At bar room in Broadway, there expecting to find Andrews               
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