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Text for Page 054 [04-19-1855]

a pebble I should have shared St Stephen�s fate.  At the upper win-
dows there were men and pretty, gaily dressed women.   Chimes played, police-
men trotted up and down, and kept the road clear.   Backing against
a shop, we waited over an hour, and presently the civic visitors passed.
A troop of Guards, band playing the inevitable �Partant pour la Syrie,�
a close carriage, windows shut, and Louis Napoleon and wife within.
I think he dreads assassination.                      Sam wanted to go off
elsewhere, but Minnie was tired and I bored, so we left him, and
per omnibus to their house.             After a steak dinner which was got
somewhat latish, we plotted going off to the theatre, but Sam came
in by 5, and was sulky with Minnie, so that balked it.   I
stayed, Charley came and by 8 1/2 we returned home together.
  20.  Friday.  To Parternoster Row with intent to meet Charley,
in the evening, but missed him; so to Barmaids Inn.    Jack
Boutcher in his tavern parlor, in company with his African friend,
long clay pipes and gin-and-water.  No recent news of his brother.
Returning, found George Clarke at home.  He stayed supper with
us.   My sisters out at a ball.
  21.  Saturday.   Walk in afternoon, met Charley & returned
With him.   Saw L.N. and Empress pass on their way to rail.
  22.  Sunday.  London Bridge stroll in morning.    With Char-
ley Camberwell way, and towards Sydenham in the evening.
Spring buds and blossoms on trees and hedge rows, � �growth seed
and bloweth mead, and springeth the wood new� � the night cold
and clear, and the moonlight glancing on the roof of the palace
of glass.       Called in at Sam�s subsequently.   Heath, his
wife, also the blooming �Tilly� there, having on Thursday come               
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