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Text for Page 056 [04-24-1855]

  25.  Wednesday.  Reading, as I have been divers days of late,
certain M. S. of my grandfathers, of which hereafter.   Bit of a
walk in the morning, dropping in at Sam�s.
  26. Thursday.  Wrote to Henry Mapother, and to Boutcher,
that my letter may await him at Marseilles.  May time spur
on the hour of our meeting. /  My sisters called upon the Yatmans
to day, and heard much of our Staten Island hero.  How he
had anonymous shirt-studs, window curtains &c presented to him,
how much he expended in gloves, how he was sought after, nursed,
coddled, adored, idolized!   From which I infer that Yatman
is a greater ass than heretofore.
  27.  Friday.  Drawing.
  28.  Saturday.  A call at Sam�s, then to Price�s, in
response to a letter from him, stating that he had been very ill,
I passed the evening there, Harry speaking much of his disorder
which is a nervous one, subjecting him to all sorts of impulses,
akin he believes to his sisters� former sicknesses which terminated
in insanity for a time.     He thinks it necessary to carry out any
inclination, that others must humor him in it, and above all, let
him talk to them of himself, which he does with a world of re-
iteration.     I, he said, understood him, and did him good.  I
tried so to do, diverted the current of his thoughts into other chan-
nels occasionally, presently reading extracts from the �Doestick� letters,
(whimsical burlesque descriptions of American life, from a trans atlantic
paper.�  These he laughed at, and exulted at, partially exhausting
himself, and retired to another room to lie down, when, it being 11 or               
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