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Text for Page 057 [04-28-1855]

more, I left.     Letter from Hannah.
  29.  Sunday.  In-doors.  Hayes called, stayed tea,
and an hour or so.
  30.  Monday.  Harry Price came by 11, and excitedly
told me that I must accompany him immediately to Kew, that he
has a sovereign, and designs taking out a Hansom cab, picking out
the fastest horse, that we�ll dine at the Star and Garter, have
a row, and return by 8 1/2 P M.     All this he adds must be done,
if he has to go on his knees and entreat me.   He has already been to
Blackwall by rail, rowing back in company with waterman.   He
must he says take plenty of exercise, and weary his body, that his
mind may rest.   All this time he was smoking incessantly.   I tal-
ked with him, and the dinner hour arriving invited him to our
table, which he accepted, talking all the time, of his illness, of his
decorating his room, and a certain plaster model of Robson the actor,
in the �Yellow Dwarf,� which he had described more than once to
me.    Immediately after dinner he commenced smoking again, and
presently we went out together, he being in no-wise diverted from his
proposed excursion.   Nor would he put it in force in another fashion.
So bargaining with a cabman, we set off in his Hansom, through the
Westminster Road, over the Bridge, by Kensington, and outwards
for Kew.     It was a balmy spring day, buds on the trees, and light
vegetation appearing, the grass fresh and pleasant.  Poor Harry was
exhilarant, and talked incessantly.     Arrived we put up the vehicle
at the Star & Garter, left the Cabman to a dinner, and passed over the
bridge into Kew Gardens.    Here we were for an hour and half,
then coming forth, Harry must fain row, so hired a boat and boatman               
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