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Text for Page 059 [05-02-1855]

second piece was ill-chosen, and scarcely successful, though not ill-play-
ed.   Some fellows in the rear of the pit had the bad taste to talk
loud, laugh and hiss, slightly, but the play was played out, not
however till near 1 o�clock.     Walked home through the moonlit
streets, clamor of policement chasing a thief by the Waterloo Road,
and pedestrian prostitutes about.
  3.  Thursday.   Got a letter, (the third I�ve had, of late, from
Price.)   He had called, on Tuesday morning, but I had been
�not at home.�           So went this evening.     I found poor Henry
with his hair cropped close to his head, and a bandage with ice applied
to it.    He is now under medical treatment.    Hurrying about after
his late fashion with his cousin, a lad, he was, at Hoxton unpressed
with the urgent necessity of medical advice, attempted to force himself
into a gentleman�s cab, got another, and drove to the residence of a doctor
whom he had had slight knowledge of years ago.   He knocked con-
tinuously at the door, forced his way in, told his state rapidly and
continuously to the doctor and others, startling them not a little, and was
finally brought home by the policeman.  Since this the doctor has atten-
ded him.      His voice is very low, and he�s suffered much, evidently.
He was very urgent to show me certain of his writings, which he was
sure I should be astonished and delighted with, which would make our
fortunes.     He would go to the United States with me, � this he had
before both written and talked much of.   I soothed him, praised his
writings, got him to take his physic, and as he said �did him good,
as I understood him.�   He was very restless, scarcely ever keeping
the same position for any length of time.   Excepting on the matters of
his writings, and the �extraordinary revelations� made to him by his disor-               
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