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Text for Page 120 [05-28-1850]

              Saw �the Doctor�.   To Warren Butlers.   To the Era Office. Talk
with �le Chevalier Picton�. [words crossed out].   Then
to the Atlas Office. John Smith Junior of Arkansas (Southworth.)   Got paid for
sketch. Then to Life Office. Saw the Editor who has succeeded to the editorial
chair.   Below, found �the Doctor� in billiard rooms.   Andrews came, and ano-
ther.   Lunch, ale and cigars, talk.  Left them and to Post Office.  Then
to Holts and dinner.   Afternoon in Mr Hart�s room. �Colonel� called again, and
made appointment for morrow.
  29. Wednesday. Nassau Street calls. Afternoon the �Doctor� calleth
and makes appointment for the evening. Met him at �The Arbour� �
about Broadway with him and a certain cynical acquaintance of his. This
Doctor Greeley is an arrogant braggart, and I think, liar.   In innume-
rable bar rooms, ten-pin alleys, rifle galleries, billiard salons � quitted
them about 11.
  30. Thursday.  In doors all the rainy day, making sketch
for engraver Bridges card � he having called and so desired yesterday.
  31. Friday.  To Bridges, to Bakers, to Badeans � to Era-editor
Picton: (talk with him of Albert Smith, of Ainsworth, of Leman Rede &c)
To Orrs, to Lossing and Barretts.           Drawing for Mr Hart, on the 
Alms house plan in the afternoon.    Evening convivializing, punch,
fumigation, songs natural and patriotic in Harts room, with him
Mr Johns, Mapother, Royal and Joe.	Queer in health
and dull in mind this week.               
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