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Text for Page 013 [08-03-1849]

              3. Friday. 	Fast day, in consequence of Cholera, so 
every body holiday making. 	Self at work on �Aunt Elsie�s� 
Story of the the �Hump and Long nose.� Pleased myself � may do the 
publisher. 	Walking, matagrabolizing with G & J
in the evening.		 [words crossed out]
  4. Saturday. Completed drawing. 	Afternoon, visiting the
Schnieder, � pretty Irish girl stitching in the shop. Talk natio-
nal and culottie.	To New York � to Bobbett & Edmonds � then
to Stringers. Slight row with the latter. He was never nearer
getting knocked down in his life. Sense enough to think I could�nt
afford the luxury of assaulting a publisher. Verily I think
they�re the damnedst animals existing.	 To Appletons with
sketch � referred to Monday.	 Jersey. 	Terrific lightning
and rain. A call in at the Pork Store then to Schnieder�s.
The fair Marguerite again. stitching my pants. Talk of a 
devoted one of hers �who wore a white hat.� / 	Job comple-
ted. 	Parting, � kissed her at street door. �hoped she
would see me again.� �Maybe I might if I liked� (take the
place of the white-hatted �Doctor.�)	 So she said, and she has
a nice waist for one�s arm to go round [word crossed out], as I discovered.
  5 6. Sunday. Visited George. Partly arranged about migrating
to their diggings. He came to the �American� in the afternoon.
A walk, Hoboken-way in the evening. Joe at New York,               
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