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Text for Page 121 [06-01-1850]

Welcome to thee, �leafy month�!  None the less that during thy pleasant
time, mine own dear girl was born.   Ah me!  my heart is very sad
and heavy; � how shall I keep the anniversary when it comes?
  1. Saturday.  To Badeans, to Caugheys, to Orrs; � stroll up
Nassau; � Broadway � the �Arbour�exterior.  Then a dull-headed world-
wearied rumble along the North River, Battery-wards.    Then back to
boarding barrack
  2. Sunday. Battery ramble in the morning. Sketch published in the
days �Atlas�.       Afternoon with Joe, Mr Hart, Royal, Mapother and Scotch
Ferguson to Hoboken, dog Salon going with us. Hot sun, crowd of pleasure
seekers, both masculine and feminine, straw hats, white muslin. Cliff
climbing as before, and a long ramble through trees and under wood,
coasting the marsh.   Emerging from thence, nearly got into a �muss�
with some seven or eight b�hoys, (who according to Scotch Ferguson had been
engaged in something exceedingly atrocious, with some wretched female drunkard
in the woods.)            Reply to some witticism on my part, turning the laugh
�gainst the most ill-looking desperado of the lot, he riled up and fol-
lowed me.  But for his fellows being more peaceful in mood a general
fight would have been the result � possibly ribs-breaking or knife stab-
bing. As �twas we �scaped, and well that was so.   The fellow
was a fine animal, and in good physical condition � he�d have
licked me, do what I could. 		Scotch Ferguson made tracks as               
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