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Text for Page 072 [05-16-1855]

with his quiet industry, and certain progress upwards.
  17.  Thursday.  Within doors.  Note from Miss Waud.
  18.  Friday.    Writing &c.   Letter to Hannah &c.
  19. Saturday.   Sent off another letter for Boutcher, to Mar-
seilles.     To Paternoster Row in the afternoon, thence returning to
home; and to the Adelphi Theatre.
  20.  Sunday.   Harry Price and his brother came in the after-
noon, the former having been liberated within the last two days.
He talks rationally, takes a correct view of his recent state, but
evidently considers his incarceration as an unwise proceeding.  He
says that upon his arrival the shower bath was administered very roughly,
but doesn�t complain of other matters.  He talks too much, still.
Sam & his wife called.     I accompany the Price�s to their home,
had tea, sat awhile and strolled out with Harry, subsequently
calling upon the William�s in Artillery Lane for ten minutes or
so.     Returning, William Bolton came to our house, while at
  21. Monday.   Within doors, drawing, till evening, then
a walk abroad.
  22.  Tuesday.   To Brook Green, by omnibus, there arri-
ving by some little time past 3.   A School room opposite to the
Roman Catholic Church, and appertaining to it.   Sundry black
coated priests about, and Miss Waud blooming out the portal, within
two lengthy tables set out with a sufficiently good cold collation, con-
sisting of hams, roast beef, chickens, tongues and the like, flanked
by port and sherry.   T�was a plain, decently furnished interior,
with here and their catholic prints of the Saviour, Virgin &c, and               
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