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Text for Page 073 [05-22-1855]

decorated with green boughs.   Mary persons had assembled, the pro-
ceedings having been delayed by the non arrival of �His Eminence� Car-
dinal Wiseman, who was announced to have taken the chair at 1/2
past 2 precisely.     I talked with Miss Waud, was introduced to
one or two singers, and a priest or so.   Presently it became evident
that the Cardinal wouldn�t come, so the Chair was taken by one of
the Stewards, who, (if I�m not mistaken,) was an Irishman.  Grace
was said, and the meal proceeded with.   I sat towards the table�s
end, Miss Waud and the lady singers in the rear, a French abb�
on my left, an empty chair on my right.     Presently the health of Pius
the Ninth was drunk, followed by that of the Queen &c, and sub-
sequently Cardinal Wiseman�s.    Songs alternated with toasts, to a piano
forte accompanyment, Miss Waud being evidently the prima donna
there, and a black coated, white cravatted male singer aiding.   The
speeches were for the most part rambling, and wearisome, but the wine
was pretty good.   A had featured Irish priest with a face like a sandy
eagle spoke best, and got cheered for alluding to the �Immaculate Con
ception.�  A flabby faced M P, (Irish probably) talked discursive
Catholicity and water.     �Twas a very Romish atmosphere, but a
good thing in its way, the proceeds being devoted to finishing the ad-
jacent Church.     Each toast was cheered, the company rising to do
it.   A collection plate was handed round.   So some three hours
passed, and then the party broke up, some adjourning to visit the
Church, others leaving, I among the latter, accompanying Miss
Waud towards her home.     She said that her mother was �against
her� singing at the Church, as �she hated Catholics.�   Also that her
sister Josephine would open her letters, the mother backing her in it.               
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