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Text for Page 075 [05-23-1855]

At 6 I saw �em to omnibus top at the Elephant and Castle.
Called at Sam�s, finding him alone.   The streets lively and
indicative of the day�s �Derby.� /       Letter from Hannah.
  {24.  Thursday.       Out but little, and then towards the close
  25.  Friday.}       of the day.  Called on Wilkins.
  26. Saturday.  At the Westminster Baths with William
Bolton.  Wilkins called in the evening, and we had an half hours
smoke in the garden.    He had Horace Greeley�s company in his
recent visit to Paris, acting as amateur interpreter for him.  Wilkins
tells some amusing stories of Horace�s hurry and excitability.   /
Met W Bolton at Bow Street, and with him to Evan�s, and the
Cyder Cellars.     At the former Cowell the comic singer did the
�Ratcatcher�s daughter,� (which little Davis used to sing in New York),
�making up � for the performance in coster costume, with thick stick,
white hat, breeches and ankle jacks, and a black patch over one
eye.            At an earlier period of the night I had called on Mrs
Stone, and Jack.   The former has had a bit of a letter from
Boutcher, dated Aleppo, first of the month.  He off to see the Pyra-
mids, expecting to be in Paris in ten days or fourteen.   More weary
delay.   I�m sick both in mind and body.
  27.  Sunday.  Sam coming, returned home with him, dined,
and with him and his wife, by rail to Kew.  A summer day�s
excursion, many people flocking to the gardens.   Tea at a little house
after half an hours quarantine, by reason of many in possession, then
back, during a rain storm, which relieved the unusually warm at-
mosphere.     Charley at Banbury, to day.
  28.  Monday.  Within doors.  Writing some little, reading               
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