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Text for Page 077 [05-30-1855]

There till 9 or so, then, (hearing that Harvey Smith had written
desiring me to call upon him,) to Hatton Garden.  He, and, Iquefo,
a younger brother, at work engraving.  Particulars anted about the
likeliest persons in New York &c to purchase cuts of the �Pen and Pencil�
a recently defunct rival of the �London News.�     Stayed two hours, sup-
ping with him, and talking of the U.S. and other matters.
  31.  Thursday.  Letter from Boutcher, dated Marseilles, bidding
me dine with him at Saint Martins le Grand on Sunday, upon which
day he returns. (His proposed Egyptian raid he threw over.)
  1.  Friday.  Walk city-wards in the evening, returning (with a
lobster,) to sup at Sam�s.
  2.  Saturday.  Within doors, drawing.
  3.  Sunday.   To Saint Martins le Grand by noon, there
finding that Mrs Stone had received a telegraphic message from her
son, from Ashford, Kent, intimating that he�d be in London by
2.     Jack Boutcher arriving, set off with him to the London bridge
station, there arriving within a few moments of the arrival of the cars,
out of which stepped his brother.    Fever and ague have thinned him
considerably, and Assyrian suns have browned his face, so that 
on removing his Glengarry cap there appeared a noticeable contrast
between the covered and other parts of his physiognomy.   His hair was
long, thin, straggling and wiry, his beard the same.  He looked
the taller for his thinness, his nose more acquiline than of yore,
and his general effect, decidedly Eastern.     Rattling back in cab
to home, where I, after awaiting below a reasonable time for him to               
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