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Text for Page 122 [06-02-1850]

              soon as the B�hoys came up � (his nation profess the virtue of prudence
to a super-eminent degree.)    Whereupon Royal gravely commenteth
as it thus �that wasn�t the way the Battle of Waterloo was won.�
Evening.  Chapin not preaching, I and Mr Hart went to Dutch re-
formed worship, Fulton Street Church.
  3. Monday. To Lossing and Barretts.  To Harlands, Tudor Horton�s, 
Badeans.    Afternoon to Abbotts � Met Picton in returning.
  4. Tuesday.  To the Reverend Jacob and Joseph.  Saw the latter
and got $2 for the La Platiere picture.  Stroll through Washington parade
grand, and Duane-wards along the North River; � broiling hot.  Night;
with Joe to the�National�.   Two �Mose� pieces.  Left at 1/2 past ten and
Welch rarebit, pint of ale and �punch� at the Shades.
  5. Wednesday. To the (S)Harper brothers, Cliff Street. To Nass
and Cornish�s.     Walk, Battery.   A Mr Jackman, Engraver calls
in the afternoon.     Evening a walk with Mapother, Hudson, Canal
&c.   Then, later out for a nocturnal Battery ramble with Royal
at about 10 1/2, oysters and ale at Florence�s; � ramble up Broad
way, then Duane, bed and perspiration.
  6. Thursday.  Afternoon and morn drawing for Mr Johns on his
Alms house designs, plan and Elevation.    Then commenced sketch from
Dante.   Evening Scotch Ferguson talking of his map-peddling ex-
perience, and of Sidney, Bridgens �Boss.�
  7. Friday.  Drawing from Dante.  Out, and a few calls, at
long-owing and never paying Warren Butlers � at the �Atlas�               
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