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Text for Page 088 [06-14-1855]

bed with a tent canopy, and a cupboard to wash in.    Opposite
my window is a Blanchisseuse establishment, and as I rise, and
am dressing I see the women at work.     Breakfast is accomplish-
ed in the room below, where we find occasion to admire the three
and four feet long French loaves, which are sometimes stuck in a cor-
ner of the room like sticks or umbrellas.          The triumvirate out
with Marshall; though arcades [unclear word] and courts, past the
front of a great palace, which was being newly ornamented, (L. N.
initials appearing on it,) to the business place of Livingstone & Wells,
the American Bankers &c, there translating our English coin into
French. /  And, bye the bye, a handfull of French money is sadly
suggestive of history.    You�ll get a two-franc piece, somewhat worn
but with the poor old �gros tete � of Louis the Sixteenth on it; its re-
verse will bear the inscription �Roi de France,� or if of later date,
Le Roi, le loi, et le Peuple.�    Then there�ll be a coarsely exe-
cuted son, its �year 1 of the French Republic,� scarcely discernable.
Anon the keen, hungry face of Napoleon as 1st Consul, presently
to expand into broader development as Emperor, appears.  Louis
the Eighteenth�s very stupid, Bourbonic, self satisfied head; Charles
the Tenth�s smaller but acrid-looking face; Louis Phillippe�s
�pear-head�; profiles of Liberty drawn, (by the French) entirely
from imagination, of the dates of 1848 to 1851; Louis le Petit�s
as President, and lastly as Emperor, � you�ll get �em all,
jumbled together.)     Upstairs into the reading rooms, where
were the Yankee papers, and men reading �em; and where, after
half an hour we were introduced to Doctor Holton, a Vermonter,
now studying in Paris, with intent to start a college in Michigan.               
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