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Text for Page 123 [06-07-1850]

              Office � but the �big dog of Arkansas� was out o�the way � then
to Badeans � then to Putnams.�    Perspiration, Tom Jones,
Rabelais and Emerson during the rest of the day.    I ought to get 
a letter from home ere long.
  8. Saturday. Commenced letter to the kind folks at Chalcombe
for to-day-starting-for-England Pepper, to take with him; but Mr
Johns coming, and intimating his willingness to initiate me into the mys
teries of his newly-invented window coloring, and requiring my company
to Astoria, frustrated letter-inditing intent.     Off with Johns, from
the Fulton ferry to Astoria � little Presbyter Church where for an hours space
we with perseverance, hot water and dinner knives busy ourselves in un
doing what he had, some days back been engaged in doing � Scraping off
coloured, oiled, varnished tissue paper, which had been irregularly put
on.  Another partially done window did not look amiss.         This over
we are ferried to Yorkville shore, and from there, per boat, conveyed to
Blackwell�s Island.   Visit the Lunatic house, then to Elridge. Mr
Johns exhibits his plan, coshers a wee about Palestine etc, etc, � then
another hour and halfs delay ere we get pauper boatmen to convey us to
the York shore.  Jolted back to Duane in omnibus  � hungry as a can-
nibal kept on allowance of half pint of periwinkles per diem � back
about 4.  Reading, scribbling, rain, feeble lightning, shining wet 
streets, sore throat; � thinking of Her I love, and that sadly
enow, is all concience.
  9. Sunday.  Battery walk, in company with Knickerbocker�s               
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