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Text for Page 092 [06-15-1855]

nail us for an hours lecture (in French), and back to the Cour
de Commerce, and as it rained dismally, to letter writing.
Thus all the morning, declining the Doctor�s proferred offer of
conducting us to more lectures, he, on the �nothing like leather� prin
ciple, �being ardent for it.     Talk with Madame Perret below,
of Paris and its peculiarities.     The house, she says, is one in 
which Danton resided, but they don�t know which individual room.
Just round the corner, at No 11 of the Rue de l�Ecole de Mede-
cine, is the apartment where Charlotte Corday stabbed Marat, �
but a few years ago, and his sister showed the place, � she is now
dead.             In the afternoon the three of us, with a Staffordshire
man to the Louvre.   There till 4, looking at sculpture, porce-
lain, paintings &c.     There is a noble Rubens gallery, and the
Murillo, perhaps the finest picture in the world.     In another part
I noticed the tomb of Philip des Comines, the Chronicler, (and des-
poiler of orphans,) who appears in Scotts Quentin Durward, and
Anne of Geirstein.           Turning out into the rain, we looked in at
the Church of St Germain d�Auxerrois, which gave the signal
for the massacre of St Bartholomew, and then visited the Morgue.
It is a small, square building, by the side of the Seine, not far
from the Island of the Cite, its open doors inviting passers by to
look in, which they generally do.   Behind a barred and glazed
apartment stretching across one end of the interior, on a bare 
slate, or metal couch, the upper part of his body resting on a piece
of sloping brass, lay the corpse of a hideous negro, which had evi-
dently been taken from the river.     He was naked, excepting about
the loins, horribly swollen, with horrid splotches of greenish decompo-               
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