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Text for Page 094 [06-16-1855]

gent face playing on the violin, her father accompanying
her on a queer instrument like to a fat fiddle, from the bottom of
which he drew wires and harmony.   A knot of bearded students�
were gazing on, farther up the court, some Clanchisseuses, and
other idlers.  With the old, old houses above, it was a very pictu-
resque, very Parisian scene, and the performers got
plenty of sous.            During dinner the rain fell dismally, so
subsequently we took a cab, and with the Staffordshire man went
to the Theatre Imperial Du Cirque, situate, (I think) in the
Boulevard Montmartre.     The piece played was �Les Pilules
du Diable,� a sort of pantomime burlesque, involving many co-
mic changes of scenery, and much dancing.     The actors were
excellent, the dancing also, but sensual.  Perhaps the perfor-
mance of the �Pierrots� was the most noticeable, quaintest, and
oddest conceivable.  The play was very lengthy, commencing at
7, and concluding by 11 1/2 or later, with an odd shadow finale,
in which all the characters successfully, or in pairs, appeared
on the disc of a huge circle, occupying the whole stage, vanishing
as it were, by springing at the audience.     The theatre is a
handsome one, and was well filled.       Took a Vamille Glace�
at a Caf�, then walked back to our court, rang up Porter
to open closed gate, and to bed.
  17. Sunday.   Staffordshire man off for England.  We
three out with Edenshaw, a Londoner, employed at one Louer�s
an adjacent surgical instrument maker, to whom we have been made
known by Marshall.     To the Invalides, where lies Napoleon
under a canopy in which is displayed a marvellous effect of light               
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