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Text for Page 124 [06-09-1850]

              history for two hours or so.  Return and reading Shelley � Rosalind
and Helen.	Evening with Hart to hear Chapin. Sermon on the
touching act of love and devotion performed by Mary Magdalen and Judas� comment
on it.    Beauty and poetry of the saviour�s rebuke, anticippatory
of the coming end � �against the day of my burial hath she done this.�
  10. Monday. Drawing from Dante, and somewhat for Mr Hart.  At
night a solitary Broadway ramble.   Her birthday � God bless her.
  11. Tuesday.  Seeing my name among the post office list in the �Sun� went &
obtained a letter from home � which had been lying there two weeks, in consequence
of a slight error in direction.    Algar Mitchell is dead � and his mother
quite �resigned� to it.	Drawing. Out to Badean�s.  Writing till
past 2 o�clock next morning, to my mother.   When out on the mor-
ning with Mr Hart, accompanied him on a visit to a certain Steward aboard 
a vessel who volunteered conveying letters for me.
  12. Wednesday.  Drawing.   Out to Atlas Office � to Badean�s � to
Wall and William Street speering after colored paper for Mr Johns. 
Afternoon �the Doctor� called.  Evening a Battery ramble with Martin and Hart.
On the top of Rabineau�s Bath.    Joined by Mapother and Johns.
  13. Thursday. Drawing from Dante.  Calls in Nassau Street. Eve-
ning, writing to my mother, finishing by 2 in the morning.
  14. Friday. Physicking and illness all day.  In the condition of Sancho
after the Don�s balsam.    Being out in the afternoon, saw �Mose� in the shop-
windows.   Writing letter for the Chacombe folks.
  15. Saturday.  With Hart to Peck ship, and committed Chacombe               
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