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Text for Page 102 [06-20-1855]

under the guidance of a nasally bellowing official, seeing more pictures,
upholstery, objects of curiosity, and well waxed floors.     The state
carriages were then visited, blazing in gold and splendor, and we
turned Paris-wards, pretty fairly tired, for little Perret was inex-
haustible.     We had a glorious view of the capital, our return being
by another railroad, by Asmieres &c, getting home to a later dinner.
Ned & Charley went out with Edenshaw subsequently, I stayed in-
  21. Thursday.   To the Palais d�Industrie, the three of us.
It was a frane day, and not crowded.     Took a leisurely stroll
through the various departments.   France shows best, next England.
There�s very little in the U. S. part, a stall of Celt�s firearms,
and a few New York daguerrotypes (by Mead.)         Misssed Ned
& Charley, but found them later (by three hours,) in the Beaux Arts
Gallery.    Same pleasant hours there, then return to dinner through
the intermittent drizzle which had been so closely attendant on our
Parisian experience.          At a �Caf� Chansons� in the evening,
with Ned and Edenshaw.
  22.  Friday.    Along the quays, at the print and picture shops
with Ned all the forenoon, rain being continuous.    In the evening the
same, with Charley also, about the Louvre, and Palais Royale.
  23. Saturday.  Good bye to Paris!  En fiacre to the railway
station, and off for England, via Havre, and Southampton. The
day promising fair and falsely.    Following our former track till we
reach Rouen, then divergement.  By 2 at Havre, there having to
wait till 6.  Lunched at little Caf�, walked along quays, and got
passport signed, back to Caf�, at 5 in cab, and through the rain               
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