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Text for Page 104

              [newspaper clipping]
		     Americans in Paris.

  The following names of Americans have been inscribed on the
public registers since the date of our last :

  B. Lilton, Nashville. � J. Ross. � H. Pottier, New-Orl�ans. �
A. Winterhoff, New-Y. �P. Hoffmann and family, New-Y. � J. C.
Mercer, Phil. � E. Pratt, Balt. � A. Lilly, Balt. � Mrs A. M.
Ware, New-Y. � C. Chapin, Mass. � F. Cheney, Conn. � A. K.
P. Cooper, Boston. � H. Smith, Phil. � E. B. Morgan, New-Y.
B. Pringle, N.-Y. � C. Huntington, New-O. � G. Grow, Pennsyl.
� W. Richards, New-Y, � B. R. Alden and family, Pennsyl. �A.
V. Davis, La. � Col. E. Hewbings, Phil. � W. E. Lehman, Phil.
� S. Masury, Boston. � F. Peters, Phil. � W, A. Martin, S. Ca.
L. Bonnefous and family. � S. Keamy. � S. Hastings, New-Y.
� O. Choate, New-Y. � A. W. Clason, New-Y. � W. H. Hey-
decker, New-Y. � B. Howland, New-Y. � H. Powell, New-Y.
� J. C. M Furtish. � M. G. Wing, Albany. � H. Gerstl�, New-Y.
� T. B. Gunn, New-Y. � F. A. Brewer, Mass. � F. Sheneck
P. Bissinger, New-Y. J. H. Rogers, New-Y. � E. White, Phil. �
C. Randall, New-Y. � J. Harjes, Phil. � G. Taylor, New-Y. �
W. H. Platt, New-Y. � M. and Miss Delano, New-Y. �J. G. Ca-
meron, New-Y. � D. Miller, New-Y. � H. K. Corning and fa-


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