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Text for Page 106 [07-01-1855]

  {1. Sunday       Little to put down; only field and garden
  2.  Monday.}       walks, and happy hours with kind, unselfish
people.   Mary off for a Banbury visit on Monday evening.
  3.  Tuesday.   To Neithrop.  All there much as usual,
only Sarah Ann being on a tour in Wales, in company with Davids
and his wife.     Dick, Rosa and Mary Bennett to Kenilworth,
there being, this day, a flower show holden in the ruins.
  4.  Wednesday.  A bathe with Dick and George at the old spot.
  5.  Thursday.   To Banbury Market, with Rosa Bolton, Dick
and Mary accompanying.   Met Mrs Bennett and Hannah,
called on Mrs. Hill, and little Gazey, returning by 1 to dinner.
Out again with Dick on a vain quest after old Bezly, returning
to find Hannah at Neithrop, as agreed.    She stayed tea; we
had a long walk and talk subsequently, in the �Dairy Ground;� then
returned to Chacombe, Mary also, Dick and I walking with
�em more than two thirds of the way, Charlotte meeting us, also.
  6.  Friday.   To Bloxham, with Dick, young William
Conworth, (who proposes going to New York with me,) accompanying
us part of the way.     Old Bezly suffering from the �shingles,� (a
sort of rash,)  his wife and Mrs. G  as wont.  In the hayfield
for an hour or so.  Returning to Banbury in the evening, called
at Conworths, seeing the old man, his daughter and sons. It
is settled that William goes with me.  He is 21, looks 17, and
has I think scarcely been out of his native town, nor knows aught
of the great world.     I�ll do all I can for the fellow, as he seems
kindly natured.               
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