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Text for Page 107 [07-07-1855]

  7. Saturday.  To Chacombe, Dickon accompanying,
he to return in the evening.     An evening�s walk, (last for
a long time,) with Hannah, and Charlotte.  Sitting on the
green hill side looking on the Priory.
  8. Sunday.     A solitary walk in the summerfields in
the morning, amid the glory of clover flowers, buttercups, daisies
and God�s blessed sunlight.     In the garden with Hannah
mostly,) in the afternoon, the sands of Time�s glass rushing
out with miserable rapidity, much the same in the evening.
Good bye, and crying all!     I walk back towards Banbury,
John bearing me company to the long lane�s end, and talking
in kindly homely manner ��.                 Sad and strange at heart.
Sarah Ann returned, on my arrival at Neithrop.
  9.  Monday.  Off by 8 A. M. for London, by the North
Western, George and Dick seeing me to the station.   Eusten
Square by 12, and from thence to George Clarke�s and Boutchers,
a small boy carrying bag.     Found them in company with a
hearty, manly looking mate of an East Indiaman, who had that
morning been married, George Clarke, (his old schoolfellow) having
stood a �father� for the lady.  Her veritable progenitor was
an East India Colonel or Captain, who not objecting to the suitor,
yet thought he ought to wait till Commander of a vessel.  So
he, and the lady did it surreptitiously, and she went home to the
parental mansion, in a cab subsequently.       Saw photographs of
Boutcher in Arab costume & others, stayed till 3, then home.
  10.  Tuesday.  To St. Martins Lane, and took
passages for myself and young Conworth by the Washington               
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