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Text for Page 108 [07-10-1855]

which leaves Southampton on the 18th.  Thence to Price�s shop,
to Kirby Street, to Harvey Smith�s & Boutchers.  He, Clarke
Dean, and Barker there.     Home, and letter writing, to
Mrs Waud, Mrs Heylyn, Brown &c.   Boutcher came to tea,
George Clarke anon, as we sate under the trees in the garden,
with pipes and cognac.    Charley home.     A very jolly supper
party, Sam and Minnie happening in.    Chaff, back talk,
funniment and good humor.   They left at 12, (George goes off
for three weeks in the country, to morrow.)
  11. Wednesday.  A rainy day.  Writing letters &c, to Con-
worth, to Hayes &c.
  12. Thursday.  Drawing.  Mrs Annoot and her little
Emily here, to tea.     In the evening to a �Fancy Fair� holden at
Carter Street, Walworth, where my sisters have a stall.   �Twas at
and for a Mechanic�s Institute. A great throng of people, music,
stalls, and young ladies rushing about to solicit you to become one
in raffles &c.     Finding my sisters, learnt that my mother and
Mrs Annoot had just left, the latter having had her pocket picked
of upwards of 1 [pound].  Minnie was there; also Miss Vaughan, and
the fair Louisa Hogarth, who sate in a sort of green-baize sentry-
box, denominated �Post Office,� and dispensed letters at threepence each.
Introduced to a lot of people, strolled about, then left, the place being
intolerably hot.   Called in at Sam�s, then home.   A letter from 
Mrs Waud, Will went in the �Hermann� and said naught about
it till the evening before.
  13.  Friday.   To Boutcher�s rooms, (he out,) Harvey
Smith�s, Mr Price�s.  Met Castle, with a post office bag containing               
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