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Text for Page 110 [07-13-1855]

an insufferable talking nuisance.
  14.  Saturday.   To Cornelius Bagster�s rooms in King�s
Road, and with him till near 2.    A suite of rooms on the
floor above the street, with grained roofs, and contrivances for ex-
tempore cooking &c.     Talking of photographing, America, and  
Prince Edwards Island, where he has land, and whither he is going
to.    Return per omnibus.     Letters, receiving and writing. Boutcher
over in the evening.     I quite used up by night time.
  15. Sunday.   With Charley to Regent Square by 11, calling
in for Boutcher by the way.   All the morning at the residence of
a Mr Sanford, he, with the assistance of Cornelius Bagster and
two sons, endeavouring to get a good �negative� photograph of myself;
in which they didn�t succeed, owing to defective collodion.     Returned
home with Charley to dine by 2 1/2.   Boutcher came in the evening.
(He is still subject to intermittent attacks of fever.)     Mr Brown
(of Bond Street,) called, and talked in a floridly indignant manner
about the Sunday Hyde Park rioters.              Returned to Great
James Street, with Boutcher, by 11 1/2, �scaping the threatening rain,
which came down savagely and sans intermission, when we were
housed.       I took George Clarke�s unoccupied bed, lay awake over
long, then to sleep.
  16.  Monday.    Cornelius Bagster found us at breakfast.
The rain still fell without promise of abatement, so after a brief
sally out, we returned to Boutchers, had a smoke and talk,
(Bagster doing the Turk with squatting hams & tchibouque on grand.)
Presently to Bagster�s chambers.    (The intention had been that he
and I should have gone to Haverstock Hill, to avail ourselves of the of-               
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