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Text for Page 111 [07-16-1855]

fer of Mr Jonathan Bagster, to photograph me, in case of San-
ford�s failure, but the weather forbade it.)     Stayed till 12,
then Boutcher off, I following shortly.     To Foulon�s office,
and said good bye to the old man.  He looked very white haired,
said times were dull, and talked of the death of Francis Mills.
To Allom�s Office, neither father nor son within.     To Mr Barth�s
Regent Street place, opposite Swan and Edgars.     He looked trou-
blous, and said there was nothing doing, Mrs B was well, in
the country, and they�d heard nothing of William of late.     Saw
Walem also.     To Grindlay�s, an unsuccessful call at Purdue�s
Adelphi place, look in at Rail station, then home to dinner.
Letters, one from Hannah, another from Levi Greatbatch, intima-
ting that his mother is dead.     Joseph, (Mary Ann�s husband) says
my father, inherits 1500 [pounds].     Levi writes in a loose, matter of fact
way of his mother�s death, excusing himself from fulfilling his offer
of sending the boys, (Fred & Edward) little presents.     Had a doze
till 6.     The evening at home, Boutcher coming as promised.
Dick Bolton and Conworth appeared, having this day arrived in Lon-
don, and spent the greater part of it at the Sydenham Palace, Young
Canworth is quiet and meek in demeanour, profuse in �thank you�s,�
has never visited a bigger city than Leamington or Warwick, and is
in his 21st year; a light haired, largish faced, well meaning fellow.
Minnie has come also, and at supper Sam, so that we form
a pretty large party.     I draw till supper time, being desirous of
finishing copies of Parisian sketches.  Dick is my bed fellow on re-
17.	Tuesday.  Up betimes, and packing up, I dismantling               
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