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Text for Page 125 [06-15-1850]

              letter to care of the Steward, previously having posted one for home at the
post Office.	To the Battery together, and from the top of Rabieneau�s
bath witnessed the outsailing of the Yankee mad steamer �Atlantic,� bearing
my letter to dear old England.     Afternoon, to Butler�s, to Badean�s, then
over to Brooklyn.   Half an hours writing and Stilwell came. Learnt that
Badean had been paid.   Got his Brooklyn address from directory, (on the back
of which was my Stilwell drawing,) and called there.    Wife and pretty
little girl.     Met Badean � promised payment.	/	Having received
a pleasant note from Philadelphia Hart, called at Stinker and Townsend�s
for copies of �Mose� lying there for me.   Saw Townsend.   Evening went
to the National to present copies to Chauprau, but he not in the way.
Mr Hart with me. A call on a to-kun-known Doctor in Chamber
Street.        /     By a call, ascertained that Bobbett the Engraver is off on
a visit to England. /		A letter from M, this morning � not
yesterday.     Also Examiner�s from home.
  16. Sunday.  With Royal to the Battery at early morn � a cigar
and sangaree at Rabineau�s.  Two hours or so, then to the little boat-church
for sailors at the foot of Dey	/	After dinner Hughie Muir called;
little change in Jersey folks.	/   Out together with Joe, Mr Hart & Mapother,
met and recognized one of the sailors aboard the Wenham. The Dutchman. /
Went over the Viceroy, Irish Steamer, just arrived from Galway.       Evening
with Mr Hart to hear Chapin, but felt so sleepy that I was blinking like
an owl all the time, spite of inclination. 
  17. Monday.  Drawing and bug-destroying.   Evening a Battery               
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