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Text for Page 119 [07-23-1855]

  23.  Monday.   Since midday yesterday we have had pleasant-
ish weather, sunlight occasionally, and no rain or dampening spray.
The morning passed as usual, in reading, smoking, miscellanous
converse, and loafing about, but after dinner a great epoch occurred.
T�was noised about that a general meeting of the Second Class pas-
sengers was to be holden in the fore cabin, there to denounce the present
style of provant, and to intimate to the Captain a desire for better.
Now as there is cause of complaint, as the salt beef is decidedly hor-
sey, as the potatoes are ancient and uneatable, as soup made from
dishcloths was once served up at table, and as no water appears at
dinner, only being procurable by private entreaty of friendly waiters, �
I for one, was willing to go in for the meeting.     Halsey we made
chairman, and a pretty good cabin full of people got together, of diffe-
rent nations.    I led off with preliminary speech, others joined in,
the jist of each was translated to the Germans and French; and fi-
nally a deputation, consisting of Halsey, Stansfield, myself, the
Americanised German, another German and a Frenchman were nomi-
nated to wait upon the Captain, while the meeting remained en
performance to await our report.     We penetrated to the aft saloon,
Captain preferred walking forward on deck, Halsey said a few words,
leaving me to do the talking, consequently I went in for it, Stans
field backing up well.   Captain got out of temper, and a very stormy
scene ensued; Captain talked like a pig headed, illogical, and irate
Dutchman, denied truth of complaints, said �twas a row provoked 
by two or three, spoke of satisfaction of former passengers &c cooling
as he progressed.   Others struck in a little, but Stansfield and I
had to do all the raving.     Steward had up, and Steward, in dread               
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