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Text for Page 120 [07-23-1855]

of the Captain, tells a deliberate lie, asserting there�s always ice-water
on table at dinner.  Six voices rebuke him, Captain slaps his face and
kicks him in the rear.    He was a very wafer of a man, and every
body didn�t like to see the big Captain hit him, and every body says
so.   Captain justifies himself, and goes below, � we follow.   Captain
is supposed to be rowing the Stewards &c, won�t come into the fore-cabin,
having already put his head in, and seen the meeting assembled.  I
have to address �em, reporting details, others speak also, (a quiet sort
of Canadian Clergyman among them,) and finally �tis resolved that
we constitute ourselves a jury on future dinners, our verdict to be ren-
dered when in sight of New York, and if unfavourable to be echoed 
in the New York, Southampton, and Bremen papers.     Meeting breaks
up, passengers congregate about in knots, Captain appears very much 
porked-up, and there�s quite an assemblage of gold bonded caps on the
mid-deck.  Captain puffs his cigar in disturbed manner, and gesticu-
lates energetically in conversation with mates or purser, is afterwards seen
moodily looking downwards into the engine room.  Many eyes are turned
to the paddle box here the two who wide-awake hats appertaining to my
self and Stansfield are seen, we evidently being regarded as the �mouth
pieces of meeting�.     But at supper time, the tables contents are of
better quality, there are big pitchers of water and glasses, and bread
(not buiscuit alone,) with a clean table cloth.   And the Captain appears
making a halting, but conciliatory speech, (principally addressed to Stans-
field and myself,) intimating that everything is to be properly done in
future, �if not we�re to appeal to him.  His feelings, he says have
been rather damaged by the fact of our getting up a meeting, � but he
wishes us to be well cared for &c &c            Supper is a great success, but               
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